Second grade scholars GLOWED with excitement as they entered their classroom to see the amazing transformation their teacher prepared. Ordinary was out. Totally cool was in. Ms. Johnson engaged her class in a fractions lesson using pool noodles, black lights, and, of course, glow sticks.

Their teacher put in extra time over the weekend to provide the most hands-on, interactive learning experience for her scholars. Ms. Johnson said, “We took fractions to a whole new level and began comparing, adding, and subtracting them. These guys had so much fun learning and digging deeper. It was amazing watching their faces beam proudly with excitement when things began to click for them from using and building with the foam fractional pieces.”


The children loved coming up with their own addition and subtraction equations. They wrote them in white crayon onto black paper and presented them in front of the class with black lights and the light up cube behind them.

When the lesson came to an end, Melanie Marines exclaimed, “Today was the best day in the history of ever!” We definitely agree. Ms. Johnson’s second grade classroom is filled with passionate excitement and a fun, interesting learning environment that appeals to all.

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