Beta now has two playgrounds! One for the outside, and one for the inside. The school won a grant from Kaboom and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas that completely paid for an indoor Imagination Playground for our scholars.


We celebrated this Monday with music, balloons, and playtime with the new gift.
Special visitors came to represent Kaboom and BCBS, and Fourth grade sang a special Thank You song for them.

Then the excited children got a chance to play with the giant blue pieces that sat in large blue carts in the back of the gymnasium. Some scholars had a hard time remembering the name and kept calling it an “Imaginary” playground. But their imaginations were in full swing as they constructed barbells, a castle, and a racetrack. Soleil Villarreal built a living room with her friends Carlie and Mia, complete with a couch and a little lamp.

Processed with VSCO with k3 presetNoel Pinnock came as a representative of the City of Houston Health Department. He told the students, “Imagination is the biggest asset you have in all of your life, ’cause with your imagination you can go places that you ordinarily couldn’t go.” Mr. Pinnock encouraged them to not only use their imaginations at school, but every day of their lives.


The boys and girls designed and created with the giant blocks and tubes without any instruction manuals or adults helping them. It’s obvious our Beta scholars have imagination to spare.



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