Pajamas aren’t the normal dress code for Beta Academy, but they are on Polar Express day. The scholars stood in line with pillows and blankets and golden tickets in hand on a sunny Friday afternoon. A man with a fuzzy, black mustache greeted them as they walked through the door, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus waited nearby. Railroad tracks ran along the gym floor and colorfully wrapped presents covered the stage under the giant screen.

The entire school from Kinder through 7th grade sprawled on the floor while The Polar Express movie played. Thanks to our generous parents, there were plenty of yummy, colorful snacks for munching on.


Whether laughing at the annoying kid in the yellow PJs or cheering when the hero hears the bell ring, the students got swept away in the story. This was the third time that 3rd grader Nathan Fontenot has participated in a Polar Express Day, but he still gets into the spirit of things. “My favorite part was all of it,” he said. It’s easy to see why the children enjoyed themselves. Who wouldn’t want to walk around in their slippers all day?

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