Oh, Oh you’re on the Honor Roll

Hey, Hey it’s all about you today!

Hundreds of scholars chanted these words for the recipients of the prestigious Beta Honor Roll. The awardees were ushered into the middle of the gymnasium and surrounded by their teachers and peers. Drums pounded out the rhythm as the new Honor Roll chant was called by all. At the conclusion, “All I do is Win” bounced off the high ceilings. Shining faces, proud smiles and enthusiastic dancing ensued. To top it off, multiple confetti cannons exploded, showering a rainbow of colors over the honored scholars.

After the initial celebration, the scholars formed lines and returned to their classrooms. Parents, grandparents, younger siblings, and honor roll scholars stayed in the cafeteria to enjoy a special breakfast, which the older middle school students served. This was only the first of many. It was more than a sweet treat. A Beta tradition was born.



Born on the East Coast, now residing in Houston, Texas. Married a blonde, urban cowboy and added a blonde baby girl to make our family a trio. The beautiful outdoors, especially forests of trees, the Atlantic Ocean, and starry nights fill my bucket. I adore fruit of all kinds, classic movies (especially musicals), fairy tale collections, laughing with friends, french fries, drive-ins, milkshakes, traveling, and learning. Always learning. My job at Beta Academy is a dream come true. These are the stories that fill my days there.

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