unspecified-5Shhh! We have a secret about our newly-opened playground. It’s not just for fun. Beta Academy follows the Finland model of frequent bouts of free play. Studies confirm that when students are given breaks it improves their attention span in class. The scholars enjoy scaling the rock wall and climbing on the ropes course, while teachers reap the benefits of invigorated minds in the classroom.

It’s a dream come true for staff and students alike. The day it opened, the staff celebrated with confetti and more than a few trips down the slide. Beta Academy is truly all about keeping the joy in our joyful rigor.


Born on the East Coast, now residing in Houston, Texas. Married a blonde, urban cowboy and added a blonde baby girl to make our family a trio. The beautiful outdoors, especially forests of trees, the Atlantic Ocean, and starry nights fill my bucket. I adore fruit of all kinds, classic movies (especially musicals), fairy tale collections, laughing with friends, french fries, drive-ins, milkshakes, traveling, and learning. Always learning. My job at Beta Academy is a dream come true. These are the stories that fill my days there.

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