Beta Academy hosted a colorful Trunk or Treat for the scholars, thanks to our wonderful parent volunteers. Their creativity and love spilled out of every car in extravagant themes like Alice and Wonderland, Mad Scientist, and Noah’s Ark. Teachers joined in the fun by dressing up in their own Halloween costumes. As fall music played, children gleefully brought their bags and buckets to collect candy. So many sweets were handed out that some of the younger scholars could barely carry their loot back to the classroom. Even though the typical Houston heat was prevalent, the true warmth was in the heart of each person in the Beta community.

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Born on the East Coast, now residing in Houston, Texas. Married a blonde, urban cowboy and added a blonde baby girl to make our family a trio. The beautiful outdoors, especially forests of trees, the Atlantic Ocean, and starry nights fill my bucket. I adore fruit of all kinds, classic movies (especially musicals), fairy tale collections, laughing with friends, french fries, drive-ins, milkshakes, traveling, and learning. Always learning. My job at Beta Academy is a dream come true. These are the stories that fill my days there.

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